Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Titeuf 3D: French Stereoscopic Animated Feature

"Titeuf - le film 3D" is a French animated film coming to French theaters April 4th. A coproduction between Pathé, Moonscoop, Point Prod, and France 3 Cinéma, the film follows the adventures of Titeuf, a popular French cartoon character.

Titeuf was born as a comic by Zep, quickly rising to become one of the most read comics in France, then adapted into an animated TV show, and now into a feature-length film. American audiences will likely not get to see this one, as the character's series has never been broadcast in the States.

Sadly, they have only posted a 2D trailer online, so it's impossible to tell yet how well done the 3D is. But the production value of the film looks very high from the 2D trailer. They wisely chose to stick with the hand-drawn animation style. A CG version might've looked something like this:

While you may be tempted to think this is the first stereoscopic hand-drawn animated film, there have been several produced sporadically in the past. Check after the jump for a short list of the theatrically-released hand-drawn animated films.

"Working for Peanuts" featuring Donald Duck and Chip N' Dale (1953, short)
Woody Woodpecker's "Hipnotic Hick" (1953, short)
Popeye's "Ace of Space" (1953, short)
"Boo Moon" starring Casper the Friendly Ghost (1953, short)
"Starchaser: The Legend of Orin" (1985, feature)
"Day & Night" (2010, short, mix of hand-drawn and CG)
"Brijes 3D" (2010, feature)
"Yu-Gi-Oh!" (2011, feature)

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Dave C said...

part of the chip n dale vid is posted on youtube

this short along with Captain EO were what showed me, as a youth, the wonder beyond anaglyph.