Friday, March 18, 2011

Stereoscopic 3D Film Festival Guide

So, you've made your first 3D film, and you want to share it with the world. What's a filmmaker to do? 

Here's a list of film festivals that will screen 3D films. Some are regular film festivals, some are 3D exclusive, some are conferences with screenings, so the works that screen at each can vary pretty widely. Submitting your film to some of these may grant the festival TV/VOD/streaming rights to your film beyond the screening, with no financial reimbursement to you, so ALWAYS read the fine print on submission forms.

  • 3D Korea International Film Festival (South Korea, est. 2010)
  • BeFilm the Underground Film Festival (USA, est. 2004)
    • mainstream film festival with competitive 3D category (as of 2009)
    • screens in Dolby 3D
  • FirstGlance Film Festival - Philadelphia (United States, est. 1996)

  • LA 3-D Movie Festival (USA, est. 2004)
  • National Stereoscopic Association - Stereo Theatre (USA)
  • The One Minutes Belgian Open (Belgium)

  • Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (Japan, est. 1999)
    • mainstream film festival with 3D screening (as of 2010)
    • screening submission includes giving the festival Japanese broadcast TV rights (in 2011)

Know of any others? Let us know in the comments!


javier.villegas said...

The 1 minute film festival (as 2011) has a 3D category:

javier.villegas said...

3D film festival

Ryan Suits said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

javier.villegas said...

On the animago awards, they also mention a Best Stereo-3D-Production award:

Anonymous said...

Known as the first all digital 3D film festival in the world. Would be great if you could include it.

Unknown said...

My short Shine showed at the Great panels and discussions on the industry of 3D. You can see the short here.

Ludger Pfanz said...

International Experts Symposium of Stereoscopy
From June 21st until 24th in 2012, Karlsruhe will be the focal of this pioneer work. It is going to be the continuation of the successfully conducted 3D-Festival BEYOND, gathering the most important national and international signposts and innovators of stereoscopic 3D, such as Jeffrey Shaw, Aljoscha Smolic, Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Lisa Gotto und Vibeke Sorensen, featuring workshops and lectures to impel new contents next to application devices in the area of TV, art, science, storytelling and education within this future technology. These different topic areas build the bases of an unusual 3D experience, while the focus of the symposium will refer to the intermediation and transfer of knowledge with help of workshops and lectures.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I would like to suggest this amazing FREE festival:
It takes place in Turin (Italy) from Oct 16th to 19th and hosts prominent people in animation, visual effects, game development, architecture, design, and other areas of computer graphics.
Some of confirmed professionals are: GARY RYDSTROM, Sound Designer, Skywalker Sound, Winner of 7 Academy Awards, “Brave”, “War Horse”, “Mission Impossible”, “Toy Story”, “A bugs life”, “Finding Nemo”, “Titanic”, “Jurassic Park”; DAN ATTIAS, Director, Winner of the Directors Guild of America Award, “Dr. House”, “The Sopranos”, “Lost”, “The wire”, “Six feet under”; JOSH HOLMES, Creative Director of HALO. Josh will premiere at VIEW HALO 4; JASON SMITH Visual Effects Associate Supervisor – ILM. There is also a contest with prizes..
Amazing, ist'it? Do you'll come?!

Anonymous said...

Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)has launched a new section for 3D shorts!Check it out

Ben Schwartz said...