Sunday, March 6, 2011

3D Student Shorts from Indiana University

The following are three cute 3D shorts produced at Indiana University's Stereoscopic Digital Production workshop. It's great to see students venturing into 3D film production and universities supporting it.

While there is visible sync drift in each one and a bit of keystoning here and there, the total parallax in these is low enough to make for comfortable viewing. The overall production value is very high for student films and the 3D is well done for what I presume is first attempts at the medium by the students. My favorite is "Sparks", the most creative of the three.

The major undoing of these is Youtube's half-assed update of the yt3d tags, now causing some videos to play pseudoscopic (aka the left and right eyes are swapped), which might change by the time you're reading this. If the 3D doesn't look quite right, try toggling on the "Swap Left/Right" on the 3D menu.

"Gone Nuts"


"Tough Love"

I hope the students learning 3D production at IU and other universities take the time and use their resources to experiment with stereoscopy on their own, exploring what all can be done with the medium beyond the basics.

For more information on Indiana University's 3D Production workshop, visit their website.

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