Thursday, March 3, 2011

3D Music Video made with iPhones

Some of you may be wondering why the blog was sparsely updated last month. It's not been for lack of news; between Caves of Forgotten Dreams and Pina, the JVC 3D camera price drop to $1,699.95, and the growth of 3D video sites like 3df33d and 3DVision Live, there's been more than enough blog-worthy events. It's because I've been busy working on a 3D music video.

Editor's note: I made this. We will return next week with our regularly-scheduled blogging. 

Below is a music video for "Changes We Don't Understand", a song by my friend Luke Hagendorf. It was made one brisk day in January using two iPhones, the Almost DSLR app, and a few weeks of post work in Final Cut. We originally made this for an iPhone-made movie competition, but decided to release it online ourselves.

(press play, then use the menu at the bottom right to pick your 3D format and watch in HD)

The upcoming wave of cell phones, tablets, etc. with 3D cameras will soon become the most affordable 3D recording devices on the market, greatly democratizing the process of creating 3D video. I expect we'll see a wave of indie 3D mobile-made cinema in the next few years, without all the hassle of trying to mount and align two phones.

Check out our iPhone 3D tests after the jump.

iPhone 4 3D Tests from Ryan Suits on Vimeo.

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