Thursday, January 6, 2011

JVC Also Produces World's First Full HD 3D Camcorder Ever: the GS-TD1

This just in: JVC has also produced the world's first full HD 3D Camcorder!

Though most of the specs for the JVC GS-TD1 have not been released yet, it looks similar to the world's first ever full HD 3D camcorder produced by Sony, with 1080i recording on two lenses and two sensors, and 3D glasses-free viewfinder. However, JVC's has auto-parallax control, can shoot 3D time lapse and 3D still images, can record independent left/right videos or one side-by-side for easy 3DTV-viewing, and is $500 more expensive. Hopefully having competing camcorders will help drive down the cost of both. We're excited to see so many new options!

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