Friday, January 7, 2011

A closer look at the Sony HDR-TD10 3D HD Handycam

The folks at SGNL produced this video at CES 2011 covering the newly-unveiled Sony HDR-TD10 3D HD Handycam. They don't reveal the details we previously blogged about wanting to know, but it does give you a hands-on look at the camera. Looks promising so far as it eliminates the difficulties with 2-camera 3DIY rigs, such as synchronizing recording/focus/exposure and properly aligning two cameras. It's unknown if the footage is compatible with the newest Sony Vegas Pro 10, which offers a lot of 3D editing controls, but they allude to new editing software coming soon that can process the 3D footage. We'll bring you more details on the camera and its compatibility with other 3D editing tools as they become available.

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3D Video Clips said...

Can wait to purchase one of these Sony cameras. Great review. Thanks.