Thursday, December 15, 2011

3D Photo Essay: Faces of the Flood: Bangkok 2011

Al Caudullo, the owner of, is selling "A Photographic Essay on How the Thai People Endure the Biggest Calamity in a Lifetime". The proceeds go towards reconstruction efforts. We don't usually feature 3D photos here on the Stereo 3D Channel, but Al has been one of the few filmmakers producing 3D videos in Thailand for years, and we felt this was a worthy cause to help promote.

From his website:

"The recent flooding in Thailand has covered a vast territory encompassing an area equivalent to a third of Texas.  Over one million people have been directly affected, losing their homes, jobs, and even access to clean drinking water and adequate food supplies.  Our cameras just returned from visiting one of the hardest hit areas of the flood, Lamlukka in Pathum Thani province.
These packages of stills from our 3D footage capture the faces of the people most directly affected, from those trapped for weeks in evacuation centers to others who demonstrate their resourcefulness on a daily basis while camped out near their villages on flood-swollen roads and highways.
The packages also include photos of the disaster at Bangkok International Airport, where the entire airport is under several meters of water, and of Don Muang district, another of the hardest hit regions nearby the airport.  People continue to endure and persevere under unimaginably harsh conditions, in toxic waters filled with escaped crocodiles and poisonous snakes.
All proceeds from the sale of these photos will go directly to the people of Lamlukka to help them reconstruct their lives as soon as the floodwaters subside."

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