Monday, November 21, 2011

3D Film Festival: LES Film Festival

The LES Film Festival is accepting 3D films! This festival, devoted to films produced on a budget, takes place in the lower east side of Manhattan. In true hipster form, the films will only be screened in anaglyph.

More info on the festival after the break.

The LES Film Festival Directors headed by Creators Damon Cardasis & Shannon Walker, as well as the Creative Team of Tony Castle & Roxy Hunt, have created a film festival aimed at featuring the work of talented filmmakers on a budget, and showcasing those films in the heart of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In its inaugural year, the LES crew was able to turn the humble storefront space of Grand Opening, into a 20 day long film festival extravaganza (with an additional 2 days added), that included intriguing Q&A talks with filmmakers, BYOB party goers, and a truly unique and intimate experience, that culminated in a sold out event every night!

LES Film Festival 2012, March 6th – 18th, will expand this year to additional screening locations as well host a filmmaker reception and a festival after party at some very trendy LES spots. LES* 2012 will focus again on creating an unparalleled combination of remarkable low-budget filmmaking in an intimate atmosphere, with the youthful and bold spirit of the Lower East Side. More info to be announced!

Submissions for 2012 will open in Early September, 2011. We will be accepting both feature & short films in narrative, documentary, experimental and animation categories.

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