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LA 3-D Movie Festival starts this weekend!

The 8th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival takes place this weekend, May 14th-15th. Looks like a great lineup. Full program after the jump.


Saturday, May 14th 2011
1:00 PM            3-D Shorts in Competition Block 1

Gloria (The Death of Me)        Andrew Murchie        Scotland/UK        05:45
3D music video for the track "Gloria (The Death of Me)" by Edinburgh indie band The Raw I's. The video comprises a hologram version of the band performing in a holographic projection kiosk influenced by the Sega arcade game "Time Traveller". It's like Princess Leia beaming from R2D2 - but not quite as sexy!

Switch                PassmoreLab        USA            05:00
In a futuristic world, a criminal is pursued in a high-speed chase for a valuable yet secretive object in his possession. Sci-fi animation.

Native Son                Erik Spicard            USA            02:25
The world's first 3D fashion show event at Fashion Week N.Y. 2010. The 2010 New York Fashion Event had models showing off new designs while projecting the "Native Son" 3D Fashion Short on a RealD image on a screen and syncing a feed to multiple S3D televisions at the same time.

Karatchi Scramble            Chris Casady            USA            02:06
Calligraphic scribbles build in a radial vortex to suggest language sucks you in.

Loxahatchee            Michael Bittner                    06:33
Impressions of nature at the national wildlife refuge in western Palm Beach County, FL. Part of the Everglades ecosystem, the area is home to a large number of wildlife.

Make Every Second Count    Nat Bartholomew        USA            18:00
Bikes and music video action shorts. Teva  Slopestyle Dirt Jump Contest, Trials Rider Matt Gilman, Pennsylvania Catty Woods Jump Lines.

Fairies                Thomas Villepoux        France        00:59
Commercial for Bouygues Telecom company.

Psychic Radio            Chris Young            USA            04:26
3-D music video for The Last Dancers.

Morpheos                John Hart            USA            12:02  
Transformations of ancient light, a journey through fractal clouds.

Magnetic Baby            PassmoreLab        USA            04:00
Music video by Semi Precious Weapons

Watts Towers-Then & Now    Tom Koester            USA            11:00
Designed as a companion piece to the original Towers of Simon Rodia, this film gives a revealing look at the tools and methods used by Rodia, the environment in which he worked, and conservation efforts to preserve this historic Cultural Monument.

Friday Night Tights        Joonki Park            USA            03:58
Animated musical short about a guy who goes to a ballet class.

Blood and Glory            Thenmozhi Soundararajan    USA            04:27
In the seedy underbelly of Mumbais underground music scene, Johnny Bollywood introduces his audience to the latest retro future band from LA, Midnight Radio. Between the bubbles and sequins, the mellow sound of this track makes breaking up and moving on, very easy indeed.

Lake Tahoe in Depth    UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center/Steven McQuinn                                        USA            15:38
Lake Tahoe in Depth looks at Tahoe scenery through the eyes of science, showing the landscape above and below water with computer generated imagery, science animations, and on-location photography, including stereoscopic 3D.

Escape                Richard Funston        USA            05:04
Music video featuring Jon Mack, Callum Blue, Tony Ward.

27 Years Later            Shinterra            Korea            06:00
Dr. Sim, who has developed Time Machine which can be used just once, turns clock back a year with lottery information. However, the time setting has changed from a year to 27 years back because of a suspicious mans disturbance.

Changes We Dont Understand    Ryan Suits            USA            05:00
Music video for folk musician Luke Hagendorf. Shot with two iPhones.

The 30 Second Intermezzo    Chris Casady            USA            00:48
A brief and intense animation experiment to visualize a brief musical moment, inspired by 1930's non-objective painting.

4:00 PM            3-D Shorts in Competition Block 2

My Dream                Joy Park            Korea            11:40
Dream 3D features an extraordinary performing art presented by China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT). The film creates a special art which delights audiences, purifies their soul with virtue, and encourages them as the performers present what they have dreamed of.

PROTEIN EXPRESSIONS-Study n. 3D Monica Zoppè    Italy            05:00
Follow scientists for just 4 minutes to discover an entire new world. From the frantic activity at the surface, to the apparent calm of single molecules, travel across the cytoplasm between pipe-like structures and networks of contractile cables. While the movie can be enjoyed by all, this work represents a major scientific effort: scenes are based on accurate scientific information with proteins modelled and animated at atomic level.

White Knuckles            OK Go            USA            03:45
OK Go with Friends.

Tiny Pizzas                 Chris Casady            USA            01:55
A simple animation Pas-de Deux between a dot and a line dancing in palindromatic structure from beginning to end.

Dead of Nowhere            Chris Young            USA            09:17
A man who finds himself trapped in a strange lawless town where he must fight various abominations in order to escape and protect his wife.
Sunday Jog                PassmoreLab        USA            03:20
A Sunday in an animated cubist world takes a stranger turn.

Back Beat Brawlers Live in 3D    Jesse Donnelly        USA            04:41
3-D music video, I Want You

UYUYUI!                Santiago Caicedo        Colombia        07:08  
UYUYUI! is not just a film but an elaborate piece of artistic creation where technology highlights the work of manual illustration, real imagery and composition. The story introduces us to a fantasy world where the skies are populated by curious life forms and strange robotic creatures lurk the forest. Two children on a picnic day are separated by a violent wind and only the force of their friendship will achieve to guide them through danger and adventure.

Lolita 3D                Alaric Hamacher        Germany        03:30
3-D music video for new title La Permiere Fois of singer Lolita.

The Homewrecker            John Hart            USA            08:04
A holiday, a tree, a dog. Its about what happens when it all goes wrong.

I Dream                Chris Young            USA            03:58
3-D green screen music video for TheTotallyWow.

De-Visions                Ryan Suits            USA            06:30
A writers mind is haunted by the shadows of his past.

Waiting for the End        PassmoreLab        USA            04:08
Music video for Linkin Park.

Miss Daisy Cutter             Laen Sanches        The Netherlands    05:40
Miss Daisy Cutter is an animated short film by Laen Sanches featuring Nux Vomica by The Veils. If Walt Disney took some bad acid this is what his trip would look like. Dont say you werent warned.

Thicker Than Water        Tommy Tripodes        USA            02:30
A young man meets the love of his life at a family party only to discover a disturbing secret that will change everything.

Parallel                Huckleberry Lain        USA            32:00
Pretty sounds and pretty pictures. Through a chance meeting filmmaker Huckleberry Lain crossed paths with electronic music artist Languis. Both have a strong passion for experimentation with abstraction  one for sound and the other for image. After witnessing each others craft, they decided to collaborate on this piece. Sound came first and then image. Both artists have deep roots in the independent art world, but also enjoy the high tech playground. Therefore, this piece is properly presented in HD stereoscopic 3-D with 5.1 sound. Description is beyond words, but is reminiscent of Harry Smiths abstractions and the Whitney Brothers experiments married with electronic shoe-gaze sounds spawned from My Bloody Valentine and Aphex Twins.

Take Too Long            Kwesi Davis            USA            17:00
In New Orleans, should you survive the winds, the floods and the heat, youre welcome to the dark, on a carpet of crap; without food,drink, or dignity.


Stereoscopic Claymation (1:00) by Julian Petschek, 2011

The SCA Stereo Lab S3D@USC
Stereo Shooter (1:00) by Josh Russell, 2011. CTIN492 Experimental Game Topics: Stereo 3D Games.

Rocks (2:18) by Perry Hoberman, 2010

Hello from Hollywood (1:38) Directed by Thenmozhi Soundararajan, 2011. CTPR 499 3D Production.

Experiments (1:35) 2006. Class project CTAN502 Experiments In Stereoscopic Imaging.

Condemned To Repeat (0:30) by Perry Hoberman, 2009. Documentation of installation at Maker Faire.

Glow World (3:00) by Juli Griffo, 2010/11. CTAN502 Experiments in Stereoscopic Imaging.

Cracked Marble Maze (1:02) by Lauren Fenton, 2011. CTIN492 Experimental Game Topics: Stereo 3D Games.

Paintshowers (2:27) by Miguel Jiron, 2011

Parallel (excerpt) (7:55) by Huckleberry Lain, 2010

Nerve Temple (2:04) by Sebastian Janisz, 2011. CTIN492 Experimental Game Topics: Stereo 3D Games.

Stereo Runner (1:15) by Matt Morris, 2011. CTIN492 Experimental Game Topics: Stereo 3D Games .

A Whole New World of Space (2:05) 2010. Written & Directed by Perry Hoberman. Animation by Hyunjung Rhee & Melissa Bouwman. Voices & Music by Perry Hoberman. Produced by Marientina Gotsis for the Multi-Ethnic Pediatric Eye Disease Study (USC Doheny Eye Institute/School of Cinematic Arts).

Rhythms + Visions: Stereo Courtyard (documentation) S3D@USC 2011

Stereo Salad (3:38) 2011. Class project CTIN492 Experimental Game Topics: Stereo 3D Games .

The Sculptor (rough cut) (4:45) Directed by Ryan Coogler, 2011. CTPR 499 3D Production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Venture to the Interior (excerpts) (3:23) by Juri Hwang and Andreas Kratky, 2011.

StereoscopiKinect (1:35) by Perry Hoberman, 2011.

What I Found in Great Aunt Nell's Closet (1:23) by Melissa Bouwman, 2010

Blood & Glory    (4:27) Directed by Thenmozhi Soundararajan, 2011. CTAN502 Experiments in Stereoscopic Imaging.

The Reality Clock (7:10) by Amanda Tasse, 2011. Thesis project. Division of Animation and Digital Arts (DADA).

The Echo Park Film Center
16mm 3-D Experiments (14:49) Shot by the students of the March 2011 16mm Bolex 3-D class, and members of the LA 3-D Club (SCSC)

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