Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who's On First? Penthouse Alleges World's First 3D Channel

Again in the world of 3D first fights, we have Penthouse announcing the launch of the world's first 3D channel. Except, there already is one. And ESPN has one. And DirectTV has one. Even if Hustler wanted to get all nit-picky and claim to be the world's first 3D porn channel, France beat them to it.

While we haven't seen much of Penthouse's 3D work, if the videos on their Penthouse3D Youtube Channel like the one below are any indication, their production value and technical acuity are much higher than their competitors. However, this sample is skimpy on plot, indicative of the gonzoification of the adult entertainment industry, which has stripped all narrative constructs and artistic vision from erotic cinema, leaving nothing but pure gratuity. See some of that after the jump.

**no nudity, but you probably shouldn't watch this one at work**

Regardless, the introduction of adult 3D content will likely increase 3DTV sales, which will also increase the demand for non-adult 3D content, which will make for more opportunities for independent 3D films to be seen, so we dig that.

If we're all going to play fast and loose with the definition of words like "first" and "channel", the Stereo 3D Channel's Channel on Vimeo has been up and running since Feb 2008. Way way way before Penthouse and Sky and ESPN. So there. We win.

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