Thursday, January 27, 2011

3D Short Film: "COME COCO" by Santiago Caceida

(press play, then use the menu at the bottom right to pick your 3D format and watch in HD)

"COME COCO", as described by Colombian filmmaker Santiago Caicedo, is a "Stereoscopic 3D Fractal Short based on the Menger sponge". It follows a girl navigating her way through the physical manifestation of a fractal curve in search of a turtle. While the Internet is full of various fractal animations, we have not come across any other that stands out as an well-executed film, with careful attention paid to story, cinematography, editing, and sound design. "COME COCO" is one those rare 3D films that combines a unique experimental style with an engaging story.

Produced in 2008, this film has screened at over two dozen festivals throughout the world, including both 3D festivals and several mainstream film festivals. Santiago Caicedo has been producing visually-stunning 3D films for several years before everyone jumped on the bandwagon. One of his other short films, "Moving Still", was one of the first added to our channel on Vimeo, back when there were only a half-dozen 3D videos on the entire site.

More information about his work can be found on his website (in Spanish).

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