Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome to the Stereo 3D Channel

Welcome to the new and improved Stereo 3D Channel! We're bringing you a blog about the best and most innovative 3D films, big and small. We are devoted to promoting the art and aesthetics of Stereoscopic 3D, and the filmmakers working in this emerging field.

If you love 3D films and you've seen every Pixar release on the big screen, great, this site is for you. If you hate 3D films, only watch independent and foreign films and equate 3D with a cash-guzzling Hollywood gimmick, great, this site is for you, too! Lots of independent filmmakers have produced beautiful 3D films that rarely get seen, and we want you to know about them too.

We will bring you films with actual stories, compelling documentaries, funky music videos and unique experimental films that treat 3D as an equal cinematic element to color and sound. We'll also bring you some interviews with 3D filmmakers, occasional reviews of cameras and software, and tutorials on 3DIY (do-it-yourself 3D), so you can learn to tell your own stories in the third dimension.

To start off, here is a great article we recommend: Perception and the Art of 3D Storytelling by Brian Gardner, stereoscopic consultant on Coraline, presented by Creative COW, an excellent resource for technical infos on post-production of all sorts. In the article he discusses "depth scoring" a film, where the use of 3D arcs over time to enhance the emotional impact of the film, instead of creating a precise technical reproduction of perceived depth.

Stay tuned!

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